About Swimmerswarehouse.com

What is Swimmers Warehouse and who’s behind these low swimsuit and goggle prices?

SwimmersWarehouse.com is an online store that focuses on selling cool swim stuff cheap. We are a top secret warehousing division of CONTROL, a secret U.S. government counter-intelligence agency based in (sorry this part is Top Secret) that has been assigned to fight online swim shops. The bottom line is that you get great swim stuff deals at amazing low prices and our competitors get to scratch their heads and wonder how we do it.

I see only a few items, do you sell anything else?

No. We sell only what is in our swim warehouse. So if it is not in our swimming warehouse today then check back soon and maybe we will have more swim stuff tomorrow. (That's the day after today.) Check back often because we only have a limited number of items and new items will arrive once we make room for them. Each item we sell is in stock and typically ships within 2-3 business days. Sign-up for our email newsletter and we will periodically let you know when we get some cool new swimming stuff.

Your prices are really low, are the products the same as other higher priced stores?

Yes, all of our products are 100% genuine. We buy directly from Speedo, TYR, Nike, Dolfin, Finis and other name brand swim companies. All of the racing suits are FINA approved and will have the FINA Swimming sticker on the back hip of the swimsuit. We don't have fancy showrooms, trucks, or sales people to pay so we save money and pass the savings directly on to you. Still not sure, then just try us out and we will make you a beliver. You can buy today, look it over and return any unused products within 60 days for a full refund.

I have a product question, can I call you?

No. We are busy sourcing new products and shipping orders. You can contact us by going to our Contact page. Please allow us a little time to respond, since we do swim a lot and chances are we are in the pool right now. You should Google for the manufacturer contact to get product answers – we suggest a dating service, magic 8 ball, or ouija board for general life solutions. (Stay away from the self help books…they don’t work – trust us on this one.)

What is your favorite swimming stroke?

Breast stroke is my favorite and it has been all of my life. The big boss man likes freestyle and our shipping guy is a backstroker. The office dog prefers the doggie paddle, even though that is not a FINA approved stroke technique. I think we can let that one slide for now, at least until he learns the butterfly.